WP Missed Schedule (WordPress Plugin)

WP Missed Schedule

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WordPress plugin WP Missed Schedule Fix only filed scheduled future posts bug, with virtual or real cron job, and re-publishing them correctly fixed 10 items each session, every 15 minutes, without waste resources. The others will be solved on next sessions, until no longer exist: 10 items every 15 minutes, 40 items every hour, 1 session every 15 minutes, 4 sessions every hour РBuild 2016-12-08 РStable Branche 2014.1231.2016.7 РWork with WordPress  from 2.1+ to 4.7+ and 4.8-alpha (single or multisite) РThe configuration is automatic and plugin nologo! Рno support provided on WordPress.org forum or reviews. This plugin is no longer developed and mainteined on WordPress.org plugins repository, but only on GitHub, for explicit request of your own author since 2016-04-13 (90.000+ installs 300.000+ downloads on 2016-04-13)

WP Missed Schedule

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